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Garmin Heart Rate Monitor

The Garmin hrm dual heart rate monitor is a valuable substitute to track your physical activity and temperature, it's also comfortable to wear, with a flexible body that makes it effortless to move. The monitor provides a bluetooth interface so you can send data to your phone or computer.

Transmitter Bluetooth & Ant  010-12883-00
With Soft Strap 010-12883-00
Hrm1g +removable Chest Strap 010-10997-00

Heart Rate Monitor Garmin

The Garmin hrm-swim heart rate monitor is an outstanding addition to your swimming machine, this monitor offers real-time readings on to keep you updated with your heart rate and swim speed. The monitor also includes built-in antennas for digital tracking of your swimmer's heart rate and speed, the Garmin heart rate monitors are sterling for athletes who need to monitor their physical activity and heart rate. This monitor also extends a data recorder to allow tracking of exercise performance over a long period of time, the 010-12883-00 hrm-dual heart rate monitor is equipped with a built-in the Garmin hrm-run chest strap premium heart rate monitor ant. Is a peerless addition to your running experience, this monitor grants a heart rate sensor and clock for added accuracy, and it can be used to track your exercise performance. The monitor also includes a built-in antenna for digital tracking of run data, the Garmin hrm-pro premium heart rate monitor is top-rated for running sport. With its innovative design and user-friendly interface, the hrm-pro premium is a first-rate tool for everyday running activities, the monitor also offers real-time data storage and sharing for ease of use.