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Heart Rate Monitor Smartband

The m4 smart watch band is heart rate monitor technology and a smart watch band to create a smart band that can track your fitness and heart rate, the band imparts a history and history tracking so you can see how you're doing against the competition. The band also includes a smart phone app to track your sleep and meals as well as keep track of your step count.

Best Heart Rate Monitor Smartband

The heart rate monitor is a fitness tracker that features a watch heart rate data collection system and then includes a heart rate sensor to track your heart rate, the band can be worn on the wall or worn like a watch, and will track your heart rate, blood pressure, and other health metrics. This is a smart band that track your blood pressure, heart rate, and more! It's an exceptional accessory for activity watches, or for being able to see what your heart rate is being done in real time, the band is furthermore water resistant so it doesn't worry about getting ruined. The m4 smart watch heart rate monitor is a first rate tool for athletes and explorers to track their heart rate and motion data, the band is likewise a peerless for tracking fitness levels and for on a wrist. The heart rate monitor extends a comfortable fit and straightforward to use, it grants two sensors to track your heart rate and blood pressure, and a pedometer to track your progress over time. The band also grants an award-winning gps tracking, so you can track your progress even when you're not on the go.