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Life Fitness Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap

The Life Fitness c1 upright is sterling for individuals digging for an exercise bike that is both v-shaped and upright, this bike extends a small form-factor and is designed to make hands-on training and work harder while making time for fun. The c1 upright comes with a heart rate monitor, Chest strap, and bike pump, and can be easily personalized for each day's training.

Life Fitness Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap Walmart

The Life Fitness c1 is an of an exercise bike for lovers wanting to start their live Fitness journey, with a c1 heart rate sensor and a hard case, this bike makes for a top addition to gym. The c1 is further outstanding for admirers seeking an exercise bike with a high performance way as well as a comfortable design, this Life Fitness heart rate monitor Chest Strap is top-quality for monitoring your exercise and bike use while on the go. It is comfortable to wear and renders an easy-to-use interface, the monitor also includes -1-inch punctuation large font size -1-inch bold font size -eco-friendly materials -1-inch small font size -laser-jointed steel wire -1-inch tall font size -1. 78-inch tall font size -light-duty nato material -1, 8-inch tall font size -1. 8-inch small font size -1, 6-inch small font size -1. 2-inch small font size the Life Fitness c1 is a Chest Strap that i would recommend to others searching to get a betterer heart rate and exercise experience, the c1 is upright so you can easily keep it on your Chest and features a durable design that will not let you down. The red and green color scheme makes it uncomplicated to see in action, the c1 Chest Strap comes with a built in monitoring system which gives you live feedback on your heart rate and exercise intensity. This is a valuable tool for keeping you on track and providing a little break during the day, the Chest Strap also includes a built in battery which gives you hours of use battery life. The c1 is a top-rated Chest Strap for individuals digging to increase their exercise and heart rate skills, it is an upright cycle exercise bike with a c1 heart rate sensor and is designed to be used at the gym. It offers a range of up to 80 minutes on one session, the c1 heart rate sensor also features a heart rate monitor and phone charger for effortless phone use.