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New Balance Heart Rate Monitor

The 52537 sync fitness heart rate monitor watch is a track your fitness journey with new, innovative technology and a cool look, this unisex watch grants a heart rate monitor and track your steps and fitness progress. The 52537 sync fitness heart rate monitor always on track to keep you in touch with how you're doing.

Nb Heart Rate Monitor

The New Balance 52537 sync fitness heart rate monitor watch is first-rate for suitors interested heart rate monitor, this watch extends a stylish design and an effortless to adopt interface. The monitor can track your heart rate and temperature data continuously, which is unequaled if you want to track it on a daily or weekly basis, the monitor also extends a night and day mode to help you conserve energy. The is a smart watch that features a heart rate monitor and gps connection, it also extends a bluetooth connection for use in cars or on the go. The heart rate monitor can measure your heart rate and (bowl of blood) to help you manage your fitness, the can also track your steps and miles walked. The watch also grants a "share" button for easily sharing your heart rate with a friend or family this is a heart rate monitor, it is sealed with an 2-year warranty. The monitor provides a gps feature that lets you track your heart rate across different it also renders a led light that shows you the number of steps you have walked and the amount of time it takes to reach your goal, this New Balance 52537 life fitness heart rate monitor watch is top-notch for folks searching for a tracking watch that can keep on track with your running and fitness levels. With a clear display and easy-to-use features, this watch is sensational for lovers searching to join the world's most elite club of runners.