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Polar Oh1 Heart Rate Monitor

If you're hunting for a heart rate monitor that can track your movement and activity level, look no more than the Polar this monitor provides an easy-to-use intuitive interface and features highly durable build, plus, its top-notch features don't end there - the grants a heart rate sensor to track your heart rate levels and keep track of your progress.

Polar Oh1 Heart Rate Monitor Ebay

The Polar optical heart rate sensor is a best-in-class tool for measuring your fitness and health, it is well-designed and performance allegations are mission-critical. With this in mind, the is top-of-the-heap for serious fitness enthusiasts and those digging to improve their health and fitness, the device is fabricated from durable plastic and comes with an one-year warranty. This is a bluetooth enabled heart rate monitor that uses the Polar optical heart rate armband sensor to monitor your heart's beat, the is the heart rate software and app, and is a blood pressure cuff with an ohm sensor and polarizing filter. The cable imparts an 1/4" jack with which to connect the monitor to a computer, the heart rate monitor can also be used while sleeping, without a computer or ohm cuffs. The Polar is a digital heart rate monitor that uses an optical heart sensor to measure your heart rate, the monitor presents a black strap and a white report plate with three digits for each value. The monitor extends a few small problems but overall is a good overall product, the Polar is a new heart rate sensor that uses an optical heart rate monitor. It is manufactured simple because it is a heart rate monitor and people are always changing their mood on the fly, it is unequaled for people who yearn to wik up without having to worry about getting on a heart rate machine. The Polar is furthermore brand new and imparts an excellent feature where you can tracking your heart rate in different colors to give you a more personalized experience.