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Scosche Heart Rate Monitor Charger

The scosche rhythm heart rate monitor charger dock is a great accessory for your scosche heart rate monitor. This product is designed to help people keep track of their physical activity and it includes a chargeable usb cable that makes it easy to use. The charger dock can be used as a separate device from the heart rate monitor to help people make better decisions about their physical activity.

Scosche Heart Rate Monitor Charger Amazon

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Cheap Scosche Heart Rate Monitor Charger

The scosche rhythm usb power charger is a devine way to keep your heart rate monitor connected and running like never before. This charger is perfect for carrying around in your purse, pocket or bag while you're working or travelling. The scosche rhythm plus armband optical heart rate monitor is the perfect addition to your heart rate monitor arsenal. This stalk is customizable to fit most needs and can be attached to a wristwatch, phone, or computer to provide the perfect fit. The heart rate monitor features include sweat and heart rate data for on-the-go® style monitoring. this is a 5 in 1 heart rate monitor charger! It has scosche's own customer service-grade customer service. It comes with 5 scosche chargers. It is designed to allow you to use your heart rate monitor without having to first purchase a new one. The dock replaces the old fashionable usb charge cradle for scosche heart rate monitors. This is a great feature because it means you can use your monitor in full peace without having to worry about getting up and down at the same time. The charger also comes with a #6a charger which is perfect for use with scosche heart rate monitors.