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Sole Heart Rate Monitor

Sole is a new, innovative heart-rate monitor that makes using heart rate sensors in you more uncomplicated and fun! With its easy-to-use transmitter and receiver, you can be on your surrogate to track your exercise progress in no time.

Sole Heart Rate Monitor Bluetooth

The Sole heart rate monitor is a new device that's available in the package when you buy it, it's a bluetooth transmitter that you'll need to install in order to be able to track your heart rate. It's a small, lightweight device that's valuable for when you need to check your heart rate while you're traveling or when you're working out, the new garmin soft strap hrm 010-11254-02 is a strap only product that is specifically designed to add just a little bit of extra convenience to your workouts. This hrm also includes heart rate tracking, so you can keep track of the time it took you to reach your desired level of intensity, looking for a heart-rate monitor that can connect to your phone? Look no more than sole! This monitor is new and is unequaled for people scouring for a monitor to connect to their phone. This is a beneficial monitor granted that wanting for a heart rate monitor and want to know your heart rate, the Sole pulse tronic integrated heart rate monitor offers an one-piece transmitter and integrated heart rate monitor.